Do you want to improve your English-speaking skills? Would you like to do this in a creative way and join me for a walk out in nature?

Walk-and-talk lessons are for those who

• are looking for an interesting way to learn and practice English
• prefer to be outside rather than stuck in a classroom
• want to practice their English conversational skills in a creative way
• are too busy for regular weekly lessons
• want to improve their English conversation skills pressure-free and in a relaxed atmosphere

NEW!! Walk-and-talk conversation is for those who

• are looking for interesting and inspring English conversation, with different topics
• prefer to be outside and walk for 90 minutes


Then try my English lessons in nature and book them here! We will head outside, either to a forest or onto one of the scenic paths near Stäfa, Zürichsee

“Walk-and –talk” English lessons are a very effective way to improve your English. With the teacher`s undivided attention, you can improve your English at maximum speed and benefit from the highest proportion of speaking time.

We will address your specific needs concerning vocabulary as well as English grammar and pronunciation.

The benefits of “walk-and-talk” English lessons
Getting exercise and learning a new language at the same time? It sounds too good to be true. Knocking out two of your life goals simultaneously is like killing two birds with one stone — and you don’t even have to harm any birds!

Research has shown that physical activity helps you to learn a language, and that language retention is greatly enhanced.
Interesting facts

Interesting facts

On the lake of Zurich, near Stäfa

We will walk on a scenic path either out in the open or in a forest

90 minutes (standard)
longer lessons can also be arranged

to be arranged

According to your needs

Suitable for learners from B1 – C2

As we walk, I engage you in natural conversation and we focus on topics relevant to your everyday life, be it small talk, family, food, shopping, travel, your job, business English. Bring Your Own ideas – also very welcome!

hourly fee varies, according to the number of participants

Bank transfer to the following IBAN
CH78 8080 8005 2673 3576 8
Oder: Kursgeld in bar mitbringen

Clothing suitable for the weather and shoes suitable for the forest. In case of rain: waterproof clothing and shoes, a seat pad, something to drink / eat. Some curiosity and some time

The lessons will always be held, except when there is a thunderstorm or a storm

The best are 1:1 lessons but
Small group lessons with 2 – 5 participants are possible

Inge Kerber, qualified and experienced English teacher and translator, with a degree from DOZ (Dolmetscherschule Zürich)

Please send an email t        inge.kerber@waldbadenzuerichsee.ch

or call me:                              079 395 0193